We now live in an age where everyone seems  to be busy doing something .For a person to say   ”I’m busy now “ has infact  become a very common term among people today.

I would say that it has even gone to the extent where people think  that something must be wrong with them  if they aren’t  busy or if they are just  idle ,

For some people to remain Idle or to do nothing   is the worst thing that can happen to them .Though  many of us may not  be in such an extreme state of mind we certainly claim to be busy at some point in our life .A survey by an American survey agency says that  most people aren’t as busy as they claim to be .They say that even the most busiest group of people still find time to do things they like the most and have time for leisure .

They say that everyone spends at least 2-3 hours on watching T.V which is 10 % of the time we have every day (24) but ideally we spend at around 20 % if measured against the time we are awake .

                 Statistics on T.V Watching Habit

No of days              No of Hours on T.V

1                                        3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 7 (a week)                       21

365 days(1 year)             1095

This number seems only to get higher as a person gets older.

Another SURVEY  gives an even higher number than this. It says that on an average a person spends at least 9 years of their life time watching TV!!

Isn’t that a shocking number? 9 years of our life on TV!!

Though these statistics are based on Americans  I don’t think they would in way be different for Indians since technologically we are on par with them and I think that these numbers might only go up if an exclusive survey is made for  us Indians .

A Couple of decades ago  when TVs  were not as common as it’s today if not a luxury, there weren’t many players in this industry .Since Privatization was still in its early stages  there weren’t many players in this sector . It was quite expensive for the common man to purchase a private cable connection and so was  used only by  the elite and the rich ,moreover as  there weren’t many private channels the choices that people were limited. Therefore it was much easier for people then to switch off their televisions  than it’s today.

Today after the advent of High Definition Digital Channels ,the choices now  are endless ,at any given time you have a popular program being aired on Television where competitors are vying for space  on your Digital TVs. It has now become more challenging for people to resist such a great offer!!

Next comes the advent of Internet and Social Networking .It’s said that on an average a person spends at least 66 hours in  a month on the internet  ,which is roughly  more than 2 hours daily. By now I might sound like someone who’s anti-technology , definitely not . Perhaps some of this time is indeed spend on very useful and essential tasks  but the question is “Do we really spend all our time on things that are essential and important?”  Definitely Not!

Well, by now you would have perhaps inferred what I’m about ask you. Yes, you guessed it right !!

“Are we really too busy for God ? If so WHY and HOW?”

 You might have read/heard about the matrix (given below ) dividing our time between the urgent and important.

Hey don’t worry I’m definitely not going you give you a lecture on time management here!!! However I would like to ask ourselves  these simple question

  1. “Where do we really put the time we give for God in this whole matrix ?  Do we place it  in the bottom left box (Not important eventually distracted from doing it) or the one on  the upper right(Important and Urgent therefore a Critical Activity) ?“
  1. Do we really give God the importance we need to give him  or do we take Him for granted. 
  1. “How come it’s easy for us to spend hour(s)  easily in front  of the TV watching a favorite reality show but we find it really difficult even to spend 15 minutes for God?” 
  1. “How come we don’t mind spending 18 hours at work without the slightest question(though at times we might be compelled to ) but give excuses to attend a church service which at the most may not last more than 3-4 hours ?”
  1. “May be sometimes we are left with  no choice when it comes to our work  ,it might just be out of fear compulsion  we are doing so  but does that mean God can be overlooked because He is a  good  and a gracious God?”
  1. Our God may definitely not punish us if we don’t pray or spend time with Him for He loves us not because of what we do but for who He is

but does that mean we can take his Love for granted and overlook His blessings and not thank Him back .Are we not supposed to thank Him back for his      goodness and ask for His guidance in our everyday matters?

I’m not against spending time for matters that are indeed important  neither am I against spending time for leisurely  activities ,but my desire is that in the pursuit of such things let’s not lose our focus of who we are and the purpose for which God has created us.

Where there is a will there There is a way”  goes a famous saying , therefore let’s make a decision today to set aside a time for God everyday as much as we can and ensure that we get rid of everything that entangles us .Let’s make this short Prayer :

Let’s make this short Prayer :

“Dear Jesus I pray that you give me the wisdom to wisely manage my time and above all to spend time with you every day so that I understand you more and more and be the person you have called me to be. In Jesus Name ,Amen”