The above image illustrates how someone can easily give up on something after having done a lot of hard work, though the answer is closer than they think, many tend to give up at the last minute mostly because they can’t see things beyond the obvious and since they can’t see beyond the obvious they give up which is quite natural humanly speaking.

Someone looking at this picture would say  “How I wish the man knew that his goal is just a few feet ahead”

In fact, we react the same when we are watching a movie as the plot unfolds before us because we see things the characters being enacted can’t see (even though the entire plot and its climax has already been decided by the scriptwriter)

(even though the entire plot and its climax has already been decided by the scriptwriter)

This is in fact quite normal because we as humans are designed to react and make decisions based on what’s known rather than what’s unknown even if might turn out better.

This is where our limitations are put to the test and we  realize the importance of trusting God for the unknown and the unseen.

The Dynamics that work in the physical realm work in the spiritual as well, in reality, the Spiritual realm shapes our physical realm though they may not be always tangible.

This is where PRAYER plays a very important part in shaping our lives and purpose.

Prayer is not a ritual that we need to follow to get to heaven rather it’s the connecting bridge where God speaks to His Children and us as His children pour our hearts to God.

Prayer is to the soul what breathing is to the body, without it our spirits and hence our souls will be dead and be void of God’s presence and goodness and results in chaos.

While many are able to pray only a few are able to get to an intimate relationship with God mainly because they don’t sustain in prayer.

Though there are many aspects let me point out a couple of reasons as to how we need to pray.

Without losing hope & Not giving up

We need to pray irrespective of how long it takes to receive an answer, we may not know what really happens in the heavenly realms but every time we pray something does happen in the heavenly realms and we can be rest assured that God is working on behalf of us.When circumstances are contrary and when it’s getting too long,  pray and pray without thinking God isn’t  hearing or listening to your prayers.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.


When you aren’t sure if you are asking God the right thing still pray!When you do ask him with an open God Himself will teach you to pray the right way if you haven’t been.

Pray that God will help you pray according to His word which is revealed in His Word and Pray in the Spirit!!

The Bottomline ‘Pray no matter what ‘