I have heard of one particular  story from my father which goes like this. There was a poor peasant had a very old bicycle which he used to commute to and from his work  and this was this only source of transportation.

As he was using it for many years and was using it over a long distance it  started to wear off slowly.One day as he was traveling on his bicycle the bicycle started making screechy noises though initially it was quite tolerable  it began to increase in intensity and frequency.At one point the man couldn’t tolerate it but kept moving on trying to avoid the embarrassing and awkward stares of the people on the road.

As he was crossing  a bridge, the screechy noise of the bicycle wheels intensified and it was amplified by the empty bridge , the peasant couldn’t tolerate it no more and said “enough is enough”  and started cursing himself and started  calling out abusive words, he  then got off his bicycle and out of anger threw his bicycle angrily  into the dry river bed under the bridge .

The Cycle fell right in the deep and rocky river bed with a distant but loud “Thud”.

After a few minutes, the peasant’s anger subsided and was he feeling much better and relieved and sat down on the side of the bridge. His anger was gradually losing its hold on him. After a while, he saw a few vehicles and a few bicycles go past him.

By now an hour had almost  passed by and the peasant’s anger was appeased and he was back to his senses.Suddenly, he realized that the  place where he worked was still miles away and the only way to reach there was buy a bicycle  since it was far off from the reach of public transportations.

However the only  source he had to reach there was now lying in a riverbed, neither could he afford to buy  a new bicycle.

Only now did he realize the blunderous mistake he had committed and started walking towards the side of the bridge , he started to walk slowly towards the deep river which was almost dry with no water or vegetation. He went towards the bicycle and took it in his hands and found that it was almost gone and that there was little hope in it.

He took it in his hands and put it on his shoulders and started walking towards the shore. As he was walking along with his bicycle the old peasant started to realize the cost of his anger. Not only  did he lose his bicycle but he also lost valuable time which would now cost him half a day’s salary.

He tried to straighten out the spokes of the bicycle as much as he could and  started off on his bicycle.Now the screechy noise becomes more intense and intolerable and the wheel started to wobble and looked as if it would give away any moment.

This story illustrates how anger can make someone do  a foolish and regrettable act  without counting its consequences, perhaps some of  us could even relate to it during some time in our life. I certainly have been a victim of anger at one point in my life.If not for God who changed my nature and made me a completely new person I perhaps would have continued being a victim  of it.

No wonder does the Bible say

“In your anger do not sin, Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry”

Ephesians 4:26

Let me quickly explain what Paul meant here.

Anger is a ferocious killer of love , joy, happiness, time and peace.   Most of us when angry don’t realize what we actually do.Some in fact say that they don’t remember what they did when they were angry.

‘Revenge’ for example is a  byproduct of anger , we hear of many hate-related murders and crimes which are  becoming more common these days.

All this is compounded and exaggerated by the media which is portraying anger, hatred and revenge as heroic and normal. We need to guard ourselves against such ideals.

In the above passage, Paul writes “ In your anger do not sin “ where it refers to the numerous ways we end up sinning because of our anger, because anger makes even the most polite and wise human take the most blundered, foolish and harmful  decision, for which they might later regret in life.

It’s  said that Anger is an emotion that cuts off rational thinking and doesn’t bring out the best in us they, on the other hand, bring the worst in  us.

Many  criminals regret their act of crime  which they do out of revenge or sheer hatred for the victim.Many don’t think about the consequences when they do such acts as their minds are completely shut down when they are filled with anger. Such is the effect of anger.

The second phrase says ” Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry”.  Well , Paul says that if you get angry with someone and have either hurt or insulted that person ,don’t wait for the next  opportunity  to apologize ,rather don’t wait till morning to reconcile, do it right away as soon as you realize so that you may  God’s peace in you, for anger is not a virtue of God but of the devil.

Probably some of us may have been struggling with anger for many years and may not know how to handle it. You may have been a victim in the  past and might still be struggling to get over it, don’t  worry Jesus is there for us. Let’s allow Jesus to come into our hearts and let him take complete control of our lives.God’s love has the power to transform our nature and make us a completely new person on the  inside, He is able to give us a fresh and a renewed mind for the Bible says that

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new “ –2 Corinthians 5:17

God is, therefore, able to make us new irrespective of what our past has been and give a brand new start,


“What we cannot do God Can!!!!”

Moreover, the Bible also talks about Self –Control which is key to a  renewed mind, and which is a nature of Godly people.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentlenesses and self-control.- Galatians 5:22

 Here we read that self-control is one of the fruits  of the Spirit which would mean that more we allow Jesus to work in our lives  the better  controlled our lives will be. All that we need to do is to allow Jesus to work in our lives and the more we surrender our lives to Him the better we are!!

Let’s make this short prayer “ Lord Jesus ,I do not have the strength or ability to control my anger or any other undesirable nature in me  but I believe that you are all powerful and are able to provide me a way out of it, I pray and ask that you would give me the grace to overcome my undesirable nature and live for you .Amen”