If you have read my previous article on the Olympic athlete(Click here) , you would understand this better.There I had discussed about how restrictions or in other words discipline need not necessarily be a burden for us if we understand our purpose.

Here I felt I must give more clarity on what exactly do I mean by restrictions (or discipline). If you are a parent (or imagine you are one 😀 ) and are planning to send your kids to school and have these options before you

1.A school that has absolutely no rules, no dress code, no classes, no punishment for in disciplinary activities but has the best infrastructure in place .

2.A school that has everything listed above.

I believe the most obvious choice would be no 2. If you chose the first, then you are either a kid or is not so serious about reading this 🙂

Now let’s flip the scenario for a few seconds and imagine making the choice as a kid. If you are already one I know what your guess already is

I bet most kids would choose option 1. Come on! which kid doesn’t want to live a life with total freedom with no repercussions for their acts.  I would be very pleasantly surprised if a kid  chose the second  and am sure they have very good parents.

Now let’s return back to our true self. What exactly differs here?

What makes a parent choose a difficult option( in the eyes of  their kid) even though they too were once kids?

Why are kids oblivious to the danger of living with no boundaries?

The answer is: A parent understands the dangers of living life without realizing the consequences and above all care about their kids’ well-being and hence will not risk their future for the short-time pleasures (living with no restrictions)

The Bible says that discipline is good and that it makes a person better.

Proverbs 12:1 Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid.

Unfortunately while we are able to see the big picture for our kids(as a parent) we fail to do the same when it pertains to our own lives.

This happens because we don’t realize that God purpose for our lives requires discipline and focus. No matter how talented he/she is, an athlete can’t win by practicing one day overnight. It requires meticulous planning and practice. The same applies to our spiritual lives as well. While it’s very true that we can’t earn our salvation and that God loves us irrespective of our mistakes and treats us as His children, it’s equally true, that to grow in Him and be a matured person in His likeness we need Godly discipline.

The disciplines required could be different for different people depending on what God has called each person to be. For e.g someone called to be a preacher must be diligent in understanding the Scriptures and spend quality time with God and also  hone their gift of preaching  and above all his/her character.

However, irrespective of our individual purposes, a general rule of thumb is that God expects us to morally and ethically disciplined and live a clean /exemplary life as laid out in the Scriptures, though God may not condemn for our misdemeanors; it certainly does paint a bad picture of God to those who don’t know Him.

Because whether we like it or not, we are God’s representatives to the world!

Salvation is free ; Maturity is hard-work

So whatever you are called to do, do it with all your heart, giving your best possible shot!

Ask God for wisdom to understand the disciplining you need in your life to fulfill the purpose  God has for you.May God open our eyes of understanding and help us understand His plans better.

Because whether we like it or not, we are God’s representatives to the world!

‘Dear Lord Jesus, help me understand your plans better and the discipline that I need to be a better son/daughter  to you’. Amen!

God bless you!