Every time we get into an aircraft, we don’t double check or even check once if the pilot flying us to our destination is qualified to fly. We don’t call this blind faith because we trust our airlines and believe they have a certified expert flying us. Neither do we care to understand the ‘know hows and nuances’ of flying because we know the pilot -an expert will take us to our destination irrespective of our understanding.
Our faith in God is likewise and as a matter of fact much much more than this!!

One can’t label our faith ‘Blind’ or ‘foolish’ since we have ‘The MASTER of all’ leading  at the helm!!!

Sometimes we may not understand how He leads us, but that’s immaterial because The  ONE who’s leading knows it all!

All that I(we)  need to do is to relax and trust Him enough to be seated in the passenger’s seat while he takes cares of guiding us through the storms and whirlwinds, taking us safely to our destination!!

‘But wait’, someone might say ‘I can  see the pilot with  my own eyes, but I can’t see God, how can I trust someone I can’t see?’ fair enough! But how then can we be so sure that the pilot is indeed able to fly us safely? Well, just because you see him, you can’t imply he is reliable, right? That’s where ‘trust’ comes into the picture, otherwise, one would be labelled as ‘paranoid’. For at some time we got to let go of our fears and start trusting!

However with God, it’s never ‘blind faith’ and ‘never ‘uncertain’ because God’s nature and his goodness has always been revealed to use both in the Scriptures and through our own personal experiences! 

He is the same yesterday, today and forever!

God never gives us anything that’s too heavy for us to carry.He knows what’s just right for us for He said

“For my yoke is easy and my burden is light”- Jesus Christ

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